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Gigabyte KM7600 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

People have been telling me that I’ve become somewhat long-winded of late. 
Maybe that is one of the occupational hazards of writing, but I definitely didn’t know that I’d write this very much for a keyboard/mouse review, and a wireless one at that. Trying out the Gigabyte KM7600 had indeed resulted in one surprise after another.
While you’re not wrong to point out that I’m sticking to my personal favourites when it comes to keyboards and mice, the Gigabyte KM7600 has indeed fulfilled all its promises as a lounge accessory. 
The GK-KM7600 Wireless Keyboard delivers convenience with its array of hotkeys, and is even pretty good to type on once you’ve fixed the BounceTime in Windows; the GM-KM7600 works well too, tracking well on a good variety of surfaces (such as my battered pair of jeans). Both keyboard, and mouse are able to provide a usable working range when used in conjunction with the provided USB receiver. 
No compatibility issues surfaced in the Windows 7 environment during the entire period of testing. For an MSRP (US Region) of just US$39, it looks a million dollars too.

Category Comments Score
Aesthetics (10%)
Understated look makes it a fitting lounge accessory. Good keyboard, great mouse! 7.0
Features (20%) No lack of feature with numerous hotkeys. We’re thankful Gigabyte didn’t try to add a biometric sensor onboard! 9.0
Performance (30%) The package performs where it needs to. No compatibility quirks too! 8.0
Usability (30%) The GM-KM7600 wireless mouse scores really well here, the only letdown is the GK-KM7600 that requires a little tweaking in Windows. 7.0
Price/Package (10%) For US$39, you could definitely find other options that look better and perform worse, or those that perform better and look like a backyard experiment. 9.0

We wish to assure you that despite some experts’ belief, the testing of the Gigabyte KM7600 did not result in any serious injury amongst VR-Zone.com staff.

Unfortunately, we just can’t say the same for the item under test. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the Gigabyte KM7600 “2.4GHz Wireless Deluxe Combo.” Stay tuned on VR-Zone.com for more Technology Beats coming right up.

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