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Gigabyte KM7600 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

With the “Nano Receiver” and GM-KM7600 both sprawling on its guts, we swore the GK-KM7600 inched away from us when we approached it with a screwdriver in hand. Still, in no time, the GK-KM7600 was in bits and pieces.

Gigabyte uses a membrane switch on its GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard, explaining for the damped, short keystroke typing experience.

The only PCB seen on the GK-KM7600 is a compact affair, located in one corner of the chassis. The membrane switch is connected to this PCB via contact pads mated together with the help of a steel strut.

Here you see the PCB removed from its housing. The large component dominating the top right corner is the rotary encoder which serves as the volume control on the GK-KM7600. Logic glue is (yet again) provided by SONiX in the form of a 48-pin Low-profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP) SN8P26L38 8-bit MCU.

The antenna used on the Gigabyte GK-KM7600, like the one seen on the “Nano Receiver,” is also a printed PCB trace. Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF24L01 also appears on this PCB.

Squishies! Disassemblies like these are messy indeed, especially if you aren’t careful with where your arms swing.

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