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Gigabyte KM7600 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

Before you cry foul over the undue attention given to the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard in the previous pages, here’s one page dedicated to the glamour of GM-KM7600 wireless mouse. First up in this series of mouse shots: The Polycarbonate Nibbling Rodent.
Like the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard, the GM-KM7600 wireless mouse runs off (provided) Alkaline batteries. In this case, two “AAA” sized batteries are necessary. Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries can also be used.

Wonder why you’ve yet to see the USB “Nano Receiver?” That’s because it has been hidden in the underbelly of the GM-KM7600 wireless mouse all this while. Storing the receiver unit in the wireless mouse (for transportation etc.) is definitely a good idea, especially when the “Nano Receiver” is actually smaller than your typical removable USB drive.

Unlike the GK-KM7600, the GM-KM7600 does sport a power switch. You have to consciously power down the mouse after use if you wish to maximise the device’s battery life. Should you run into difficulties getting the GM-KM7600 wireless mouse to pair up with the “Nano Receiver,” just push the momentary switch for a change of transmitting channel.

A traditional Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) sensor is used as the imaging engine in the GM-KM7600 wireless mouse. You can switch between 800DPI and 1600DPI modes using the “DPI” button located on the spine of the mouse itself.

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