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Gigabyte KM7600 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

The Gigabyte GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard uses a variation of the US-International keyboard layout. Gigabyte has specified for laser-engraved keycaps on the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard. Unlike the cheaper stuff, letterings on the keycaps are designed to stay put even after years of constant use.

Gigabyte has also arranged for a profiled Space key and a L-shaped Return key on the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard. The Backspace keycap however, is a rather small one. Navigation keys are grouped in a horizontally squashed (i.e. a 3×2 matrix instead of a 2×3 one) fashion. Present on the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard is a full-size numeric keypad. There are also a slew of hotkeys gracing the periphery of the GK-KM7600 chassis; no less than 14 Internet and Multimedia shortcut keys, plus a volume control encoder can be found on the GK-KM7600.

Look West for the Internet shortcut keys (these will serve as Home, Favourites, Refresh, Forward and Back keys for your Internet browser). Windows shortcut keys are available on the right edge (these are the Mute, Media Player, My Computer, E-Mail Application and Calculator call-ups) of the GK-KM7600. On the top-right corner of the wireless keyboard, you’d find the Media Player control hotkeys (Play/Pause, Stop, Previous and Next), and the rotary volume control encoder.

The GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard relies on battery power; flipping over the keyboard reveals a compartment for two (provided) “AA” size Alkaline batteries. Notice the small latches running across the length of the battery cover? These help to keep the batteries in place in the event you choose to manhandle the GK-KM7600. There is no power switch on the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard, presumably because it powers up/down based on user activity. 

Of course, the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard is not designed to suddenly die on its user. A battery indicator keeps you informed of the battery status.

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