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Gigabyte KM7600 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

It has been a fair few months since we last reviewed any Human Interface Device. Today, we take a good long look at a wireless keyboard/mouse kit from an unlikely maker: Gigabyte.

I admit, I’ve always avoided reviewing peripherals; I just don’t get the same thrill of looking at PC hardware components when I’m staring at a pink fluffy object with a USB plug dangling off its end. Imagine the shock and horror when I found a oh-so-long-and-menacing package from Gigabyte addressed to yours truly! 
Mumbling a prayer under my breath, I stripped apart the DHL packaging hoping that Gigabyte had just sent me an elongated version of their upcoming Intel X58 Express mainboard. Anything but a keyboard! No way you’re going to pry me away from my trusty NMB 2500TW/Gigabyte GM-M8000 input devices!
Still, what fun is life without surprises? Gigabyte had indeed delivered a KM7600 “2.4GHz Wireless Deluxe Combo” made up principally of the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard and GM-M7600 wireless mouse. Having tried my fair share of input devices, how tough could another keyboard/mouse review get? There is no way to find out, other than to try. Meanwhile, let’s look at the product specifications for this “Coming Soon” item.

It’s alright if you can’t make sense of “5 meters times,” I don’t too. Specifications can get really boring, especially for peripherals as physical as keyboards or mice. Of course, there is no other way to get to the real deal without unpacking.

The cardboard package opens to reveal the goods packed in protective material, necessary given the glossy finishing used on both the GK-KM7600 wireless keyboard and GM-M7600 wireless mouse.

Also included is a succinct English manual and an 8cm ROM holding drivers for those using the aged Microsoft Windows 98 Operating System (OS). Users of later Windows OSes are expected to find this keyboard/mouse combination a Plug & Play affair.

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