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Gigabyte R9 290x WindForce 3X OC review

The WindForce cooler utilises three Power Logic 75mm PWM fans rated at 0.35A each to dissipate the heat from the massive heat sink block. Potential owners with small form factor enclosures might want to take note of the extended height (14.1cm) and length (29,4cm) requirements over the reference design.


Like all sensible cooling solutions of late, there are a couple of copper heat pipes making direct contact with the GPU core for improved heat transfer, as well as sticky thermal tape to conduct heat away from the memory modules and VRM components.


The OC edition featured in this review today has a factory overclock of 4 percent on the core (1040MHz as opposed to 1GHz) and comes with Elpida GDDR5 memory modules running at 1.25GHz. Gigabyte made minimal changes to the PCB layout, relying on the stock IR 3567B PWM controller (good for software compatibility) and replacing some inductors and micro-capacitors in the 6-phase VRM with higher quality ones.

IMG_5404Like MSI’s Afterburner, the bundled OC Guru 2 utility allows monitoring and tweaking of the GPU’s vitals.


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