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Giant ‘Windwheel’ to power large city in Netherlands


A consortium of Rotterdam based companies want to reinvent the ‘windmill,’ and it will be quite a sight if the contraption gets built.

Dubbed the ‘Dutch Windwheel,’ the concept harnesses the wind to generate electricity while doing away with the mechanical parts that have made traditional windmills so popular over the last several hundred years.


The Dutch Windwheel utilizes what’s known as EWICON (Electrostatic WInd energy CONverter) technology, which converts wind energy into electricity without moving mechanical parts.  The technology involves using wind energy move charged particles against the direction of an electric field to increase the potential energy of the charged particles.

[youtube id=”tqksCHWROBU”]

What’s even more unique about the Dutch Windwheel is that it doesn’t require charging and ‘collection’ stations convert and store energy.  The Dutch Windwheel consists of just the charging station that dispels of the positive charges using wind energy, which in turn decreases the voltage of the system.

While there can only be so many designs for a windmill, the EWICON-based contraptions boast flexible and modular designs.  Researchers are still working on scaling up the technology to make it viable in the real world.  Now that the Dutch Windwheel is being backed by several companies, EWICON tech might just be getting that boost it needs to go mainstream.

Source: thedutchwindwheel.com

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