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Giada’s F200 fanless mini-PC requires just 5W of power

Giada F200

Giada has announced the F200, a mini-PC that can be mounted at the back of displays and digital signage boards. The mini-PC features a dustproof metal chassis and a TDP of just 4.3W thanks to the low-power Celeron N2870 dual-core CPU.

In terms of hardware, you’re looking at 2GB DDR3L RAM, 8 or 16GB internal memory, one mSATA port for connecting an SSD, one Gigabit Ethernet port, four USB 3.0 ports and a SIM card slot for cellular connectivity. Connectivity includes one HDMI port that can drive 4K at 24Hz, and there’s a Mini PCI-Express slot as well through which you can install a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module.

Giada F200 2

The JAHC unattended technology is ideal if you’re looking to use the F200 for digital signage purposes or at an industrial location. Features like auto power-on after power failures and the ability to schedule power on or off means that the F200 can work with a minimum of maintenance.

Giada F200 1

Giada is yet to announce availability details, but has mentioned that the F200 will retail for just $110.

Source: Giada Technology

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