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Get your geek on with a projected virtual keyboard

Tired of oversized physical keyboards?  Why not get a pocket-sized virtual keyboard?

Until speech-to-text software reaches a point where they’re perfect without the need for ‘training’, we will all have to rely on our trusty keyboards to type out our messages.  There are all sorts of keyboard on the market from ergonomics to mechanical, but essentially they all carry out the same tasks—typing.  If typing is all you’re really looking to do with a keyboard then perhaps a laser projection keyboard from CTX Virtual Technologies can oblige to your needs.

The pocket-sized device will project a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface and has optical sensors that track your finger movements so that you can type without the need of a physical keyboard.  The device links to your tablet (why would you need one for a laptop?) via Bluetooth or USB, and has a battery rating of around 2 hours.

As for how much this futuristic thing costs; it’ll run you $99, but as of right now the device is not yet available.  Demands were so high that Brookstone.com (the only outlet offering the device) states that it cannot even accept any more pre-orders.  If you’re one of the lucky few that managed to get in an approved pre-order, you’ll get it sometime in December.



Those interested in putting in a pre-order, check out the product page once in awhile to see if pre-orders are being accepted.  Imagine all the eyes you would get at a Starbucks if you whipped out this virtual keyboard—lots.

Which tablet maker will be the first to integrate this technology into their mobile device?

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