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Get Your Game on Without Breaking the Bank With This New Line-up From Razer

It’s well known that gamer-branded PC gear is often more expensive compared to normal peripherals. However, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for low-quality gamer products! Razer’s new line-up of affordable peripherals takes the essentials from their uber-popular bestsellers to give you the same experience for a smaller price tag.

BlackWidow Keyboard

Let’s start with the BlackWidow keyboard. Every gamer knows the legendary Razer BlackWidow Elite, used by pros and casuals alike all over the world. The only problem? It’s almost SGD $300 price. The new BlackWidow keyboard, on the other hand, sports many features from the Elite including the full mechanical key and RGB lighting experience, this all just for a $100 less compared to the elite.

Basilisk Essential Mouse

To go with that new keyboard is the gaming grade Basilisk Essential mouse. The original Basilisk is the choice of champions, streamers and techies alike, with popular shooter streamer DrDisrespect vouching for this mouse, you can be sure that the essential will be just as good with its true 6,400 DPI optical sensor will carry you to the top if not, there’s always the flashy Razer Chroma lighting that’s customizable in 16.8 million colours.

Kraken Headset

Last but not least is the Kraken headset. Gaming is all about camaraderie and teamwork in pro play and you can’t do that without a headset. Although the Kraken is the same price as it’s predecessor, the Kraken V2 Pro there are some major differences. While the V2 Pro utilizes premium feeling leatherette ear cushions, the new Kraken has cooling gel infused ones along with a much thicker headband padding, all this to ensure long-term maximum comfort. The new Kraken is also available in the adorable Quartz pink and the console Kraken sports a brand new black with blue highlight colour scheme.

All three products are available as of March at all leading retailers and on Razer.com. The BlackWidow keyboard retails at SGD $199.90, the Basilisk essential at $79.90 and the Kraken at $129.90. So what are you waiting for? Rise up to the challenge with your new gear.

One thought on “Get Your Game on Without Breaking the Bank With This New Line-up From Razer

  1. Good afternoon, I agree with you. Razer insanely expensive, although very high quality. I for example do not see much of a difference between the membrane and mechanical keyboard. First of all, it is worth understanding why mechanics cost gamers more expensive than membranes. The membrane keyboards have gum under the keys, which close the contact when the button is pressed. Over time, this rubber membrane becomes less and less elastic and pressing can stop working, and the keys begin to stick. Remember, for example, your old gamepads from the “Dandy”. That was still a mess if the gamepads were tightly soldered to the console. Keys in mechanics are noticeably more tenacious. They operate on special mechanical switches, which are characterized by a characteristic clicking sound and a clear stroke. In addition, most of the mechanics are mounted on a metal plate, because of which such keyboards are much heavier than membrane ones.

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