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Get Microsoft Office 2010 for free

It’s still currently in beta status, but Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Office 2010 office productivity suite will be given away for free to customers who fulfil a specific set of conditions.


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When Microsoft Office 2007 was released, it met with mixed responses, most of which revolved around Microsoft’s new ooxml format and the new ribbon interface: some users considered them as achievements and improvements to the popular productivity suite, while others avoided Office 2007 completely, deriding it as full unnecessary features which forced users to relearn their software.

But those who belong to the latter might want to rethink their decision, as Microsoft has dangled a new carrot before its customers, and that is to get Office 2010 for free when it is released locally,

Microsoft announced that it will offer the Office 2010 Technology Guarantee along with its partners, which will last from March 5 to September 30 this year (which also happens to coincide with the IT Show).

To qualify for the Technology Guarantee, customers will need to purchase a licensed copy of Office 2007 between the eligibility dates and visit www.office.com/techg when Office 2010 is released locally. Microsoft will then verify the customer’s eligibility online and if successful, the customer will be allowed to download Microsoft Office 2010 at no charge.

The stipulated time period for redemption of the Tech Guarantee is from the day Office 2010 is launched in Singapore till October 31, 2010, so if you have not made the upgrade to Office 2007, perhaps it’s time to do so, if only for the free upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010.

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