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Geneticist claims humans will have huge heads and eyes in 100,000 years

A computational geneticist has teamed up with an artist to give us an inkling into how humans might look in 100,000 years, suggesting bizarrely large heads and eyes will be the norm.


Dr. Alan Kwan of Washington University employed artist Nickolay Lamm to depict his predictions, which provides an idea of not only what our species could look like, but what kind of world we are likely to live in.

Kwan foresees that humans will have significantly larger heads, in order to make space for equally larger brains. Perhaps it is a little big-headed of us to think we will evolve in this way, but it is a sensible prediction that our intelligence will grow over time.

The most striking part of the image designed by Lamm, however, is the eyes, which would dwarf those of any anime character. Kwan believes space colonisation will become the norm of the future, but since this will involve spending more time further away from the Sun, our eyes will have to grow larger to accommodate the darker conditions we will be working in.

Humans are also expected to have more pigmentation in the skin, thanks to more exposure to the Sun, since less of us will have the protection of ozone on planet Earth. Let us hope our future selves invent better sunblock.

We wonder if our descendants will look back on this prediction and see some truth in it.

Source: Dvice

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