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GeeFi: Keeping You Connected Internationally

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature GeeFi, a portable Wi-Fi for the digital nomad. Perhaps the ultimate portable Wi-Fi device, it allows you to have unlimited access to the Internet, no matter where you may be and at an affordable flat-rate.

Image Credit: GeeFi

Travelling around the world can be a great adventure, but therein also lies a small problem. Most of us constantly need and want to be connected to our virtual community, this is where GeeFi steps in. No more trying to figure out where to purchase a local SIM card or leech on unsecured Wi-Fi connections, just to check emails or social media.

Weighing a light 210g and measuring 145 x 85 x 15.36mm, the GeeFi fits snuggly in your hands and easily in any trouser pocket. The device provides you with unlimited 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection at a standard speed, no matter where in the world you may be at an affordable flat-rate. With download speeds of up to 150mbps and upload speeds of up to 50mbps, the GeeFi is great for sharing. Able to link up to 10 devices at a time, it is compatible for any device that is Wi-Fi capable and can even be shared when on a family vacation.

Image Credit: GeeFi

At just SG$14 (US$10) a day, you get unlimited amount of data with no extra roaming charges or hidden costs anywhere in the world. GeeFi is available for use in more than 100 countries worldwide and talks are in progress to increase that number by mid-2017. In addition to just providing connectivity, it also doubles up as a portable battery charger and is capable of providing your USB devices with up to 5,000mAh of juice.

All in all a great device for those who travelling frequently to have, the GeeFit is best suited for those who constantly need to check in with their virtual life on-the-go. This definitely beats trying to get international SIM cards which sometimes cap data, have slow Internet speeds and do not allow for hotspots.

Image Credit: GeeFi

Availability and Price

With just a couple of weeks to go the GeeFi has already been fully funded, which also means that its early bird pledges have been snapped up. The next pledge in line will set you back SG$163 (US$120), this includes one GeeFi and a one-year warranty. 24 Hour, unlimited usage will set you back SG$14 (US$10). International shipping is at a flat rate of SG$22 (US$16). All orders look to be fulfilled by December this year, making it just in time for the holidays.

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