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GeCube TEC Cooled 2900XT Card @ Computex

GECUBE will show HD2900XT OC super exclusive TEC version, HD2000 series Gemini dual GPU series as well as HD2600XT GDDR4 over at Computex. GeCube will also show AGP 8X HD2000 Series and DVRBox (HDD Based Digital Video Recorder) Pocket Hard Disk that records and converts DV, DVD, & TV to MPEG-4 video format instantly.

Computex Taipei 2007 will kick off on June 5th and GECUBETM, the world
renowned leader in graphics card design and manufacturing, will exhibit the
entire line up of the next generation and uniquely designed HD2000 series 3D
graphics cards at the show. You are invited to visit the GECUBETM booth in the
Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2 from June 5th to June 9th and there will be
both static and live demonstrations plus dedicated product speakers to present
the record-shattering HD2900XT, the flagship of the line and GECUBETM
engineering teams’ proud achievement. GECUBE will show DX10 series graphics
cards display and a multimedia DVR BOX audio and video demonstration will also
be on show.

* GECUBE HD2000 series specialty high-end graphics card supports DirextX 10,
Shader Model 4.0 and with built-in HDMI

HD2900XT OC super exclusive TEC version: The fire-breathing HD2900XT, which
recently set a new single graphics card record for 3D Mark 05 with a score of
over 30,000 points, is the most powerful graphic card in existence. The GECUBE-exclusive
over clocked version is equipped with thermal electric cooling(TEC) technology
to achieve optimum temperature control while the HD2900XT is operating at over
clocked speed without concern for overheating and related damage. Moreover, the
significantly lower noise level and reduced heat dissipation ensures a pleasant
operating environment for those who live and work around it. The highly
anticipated HD2900XT is set to be shown to the public for the first time at
Computex Taipei 2007.

GECUBE HD2000 series Gemini dual GPU series: Following the success of the
X1650XT Gemini 2 dual CPU graphics card, GECUBE Taiwan, which specializes in
dual GPU design, is now introducing the latest HD2000 series DX10 dual GPU
graphic card to satisfy the most demanding power users. The GECUBE HD2000 series
DX10 dual GPU series and its phenomenal capabilities is set to be premiered
during Computex Taipei 2007. This is an event that you must attend if you would
like to experience ultimate performance.

Exclusive GECUBE HD2600XT GDDR4: Built-in GDDR4 enables this mid-class
graphics card to offer high-end performance and unbelievable value. Equipped
with GECUBE’s indigenous 2nd generation X-Turbo 2 silent fan technology,
HD2600XT GDDR4 utilizes a silent turbine-type fan and dual heat pipes to achieve
amazing heat dissipation and efficiency. HD2600XT GDDR4 combines low noise
levels, low operation temperature and a sleek, contemporary styling that will
attract admiration from the world over.

GECUBE AGP 8X HD2000 Series: GECUBE strives to achieve a new high in the APG 8X
platform. Introduced ahead of the competition, GECUBE’s next generation 2000
series will also be available in AGP 8X platform to enable the DX10’s surreal
graphic performance on an APG 8X platform. GECUBE offers a comprehensive line up
of products ranging from low to high end of the spectrum to satisfy the widest
range of customers.

* All GECUBE 3D graphics card products have been certified as Windows Vista™
Many of them have also been certified by Windows Vista™ Premium WHQL (Windows
Hardware Quality Labs) so you can upgrade your system the easy way today to
experience the 3D Aero interface first-hand!

* DVRBox (HDD Based Digital Video Recorder): Pocket Hard Disk
Black and elegant, the DVRBox records and converts DV, DVD, & TV to MPEG-4 video
format instantly. Copying videos from camcorder is also accomplished with the
minimum of hassles. After connecting a camcorder to the DVR Box’s Video-in
terminal, the DVR Box converts video to MPEG-4 with one simple click of a

World premiere of all exclusive and high performance products will take place
during the Computex Taipei 2007. GECUBE sincerely invites you to visit our
exhibition booth and not to miss this chance of witnessing the unreal
performances offered by GECUBE products.

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