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Gearbox boss buys Pen Jillette’s ponytail

In a crowdfunding effort for an independent movie, magician Pen Jillette has promised to give his ponytail to one lucky pledger, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford.


It may sound like I’m writing nonsense in order to get fired, but indeed, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has just bought Pen Jillette’s ponytail. The ponytail was the pledge reward Pitchford received after donating $25,000 to a crowdfunded “smart” horror movie that Jillette hopes to create together with his friend Adam Rifkin.

The campaign hopes to raise just short of a million dollars for the film, and so far, Pitchford’s contribution is the largest one. The Gearbox boss told Kotaku about his purchase: “I know a lot of guys in my seat spend the money they make on Italian sports cars or big houses, and I think that’s great if that drives the will to make things happen, but I seem to want to keep putting my extra scratch back into creative efforts.”

When asked what he’d do with the ponytail, Pitchford didn’t quite know: “It’s not about the pony tail and I haven’t thought about what to do with it. But I’ll chat with [Penn] about it and I’m sure between us we can come up with something clever that will amuse everyone who happens to be watching. Or maybe it just goes in a box. Or maybe it stays on his head.”


He suffers for his art.

Here’s the campaigns reward listing for the ponytail:

That’s right, Adam and I are going to give one very lucky (and let’s say “eccentric”) contributor our actual ponytails. Chopped right off of our heads. You can brush them, braid them, sew them onto the backs of baseball hats, Hell, make voodoo dolls out of them for all we care. They’ll make the perfect addition to anyone’s creepy creepy collection of creepy creepy stuff.

Source Kotaku

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