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Garmin Fenix 6 Series Announced: Bigger Screens, Solar-charged Version

Garmin has officially announced the highly-anticipated Fenix 6 series of smartwatches. Improving on their predecessors with bigger screens and a new PacePro feature for runners, the Fenix 6 also comes in a new solar power-augmented version and with tools and features for runners, climbers, and a whole host of sports.

The Garmin Fenix 6. Image: Garmin

Where the displays of last year’s Fenix 5, 5X and 5S models were 1.2″, 1.2″ and 1.1″ in diameter, this year’s standard Fenix 6 now sports a 1.3″ display, with the larger Fenix 6X at 1.4″ and the Fenix 6S at 1.2″

Targetted at the most demanding of athletes for whom wearables running out of juice on an activity is a serious concern, the Fenix 6 series provides a user-customisable Power Manager feature. With this tool, users are able to monitor and cut the battery drain imposed by the various sensors on the Fenix 6.

Designed for runners, new PacePro feature allows routes to be planned from the watch itself, while adjusting guidance to the incline experienced on the route.

Garmin Fenix 6 watches showcasing the in-built maps on the Fenix 6S, solar charging feature on the Fenix 6X Pro Solar, and the PacePro feature on the Fenix 6. Image: Garmin

With this feature, runners can keep track of their target and actual split pace, along with the remaining distance to the next split. The interface will also inform runners at a glance how far they are ahead or behind of their goal.

On the watch, users can store up to 2,000 songs and sync playlists  from some providers. Hikers, skiers and golfers will also benefit from the 2,000 ski maps, 41,000 golf courses and TopoActive Europe maps saved on the watch itself.

A new ClimbPro feature will provide mountain climbers with useful environmental information during climbs.

Amongst the new features are plenty of familiar ones carried over from its predecessor. The Fenix 6 keeps the bells and whistles like on-board GPS, VO2 max tracking, sleep monitoring and heart rate sensing all in a water resistant package. The Body Battery tool also augments training plans for a better estimation of optimal exertion.

Its more urbane features like connected smartphone notifications and Garmin Pay contactless payment are also retained from its predecessor.

There is a Fenix 6X Pro Solar, the first Garmin GPS watch to be augmented by solar charging. This extends the life of the device by 3 days from 21 days of life in smartwatch mode.

The Garmin Fenix 6 series starts at USD 599.99, with top-ups for a more rugged sapphire crystal, and for higher-tier models like the Fenix 6X Pro Solar. Pricing and availability in Singapore will be announced soon.

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2 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 6 Series Announced: Bigger Screens, Solar-charged Version

  1. Brian

    Look sweet, but far too expensive for me as i only see these as a toy, so i would rather sink those kind of moeny into a “real” watch.

  2. Looks sweet but expensive

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