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Garmin announces new Forerunner GPS watches

Garmin has announced two new GPS running watches, the Forerunner 220 and the Forerunner 620. The watches come with a one-inch screen which shows you information regarding your run, as well as your vital statistics.


The Forerunner 220 is the lower-end variant, and comes with a one-inch color screen. The device comes with a lot of utilities that come in handy while running. It features vibration alerts that alert you when you are walking ahead or behind the pace you set on your watch. It will also auto pause tracking whenever you pause walking, and automatically starts once you do. It syncs information to a Windows or Mac machine using Bluetooth LE.

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The Forerunner 620 also features a one-inch screen, but this watch comes with a touch interface. The Forerunner 620 has all the features of the 220, and can connect to Windows and Mac machines using Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth LE . Combined with the HRM-Run accessory, the watch will detect for how long your foot is touching the ground and for how long is it in-flight during a run. It also has additional fitness metrics, like a recovery adviser that measures the difficulty of your current run and gauges the duration you need to rest until your next. It also gauges your oxygen intake and gives you a real-time view of your activity while running.

The Forerunner 220 will be available for $250 while the Forerunner 620 costs $400. An additional $50n ets the heart rate monitor for the 220, or the HRM-Run for the 620.

Source: Garmin

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