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‘Gapgate’ over? Samsung deems Galaxy Note 4’s gap a ‘feature’, not a defect

Yeah, sure, and iPhone 6’s fragility is also a “feature”, allowing the device to bend and curve in a way the LG G Flex can only dream of.

Galaxy Note 4 gapgate

Whether you’re an Apple detractor who feels their iDevices are overpriced and overhyped, or the kind of dude who likes to keep a Steve Jobs poster over his bed, you must admit Cupertino’s PR department handled the whole #bendgate crisis rather poorly.

Assertions that merely nine people filed formal bending complaints are not only laughable, but likely grossly inaccurate and misleading, the entire “let’s show friendly media our testing facilities” stunt felt unnecessary, and Computer Bild’s boycott is outright shameful and unprofessional.

Unfortunately, faced with similar albeit maybe not as harsh criticism, Samsung doesn’t appear ready to man up and own up to its mistakes either. Accused of leaving a small but potentially damaging space between Galaxy Note 4’s frame and its display, Sammy is trying to spin the obvious manufacturing defect as, wait for it, a feature.

That’s right, they’re actually using the word “feature” when warning prospective Note 4 buyers of “minor rocking or vibration of parts”, as well as “friction between parts” potentially causing “this gap to expand slightly over time”.

Galaxy Note 4 gap

First of all, let me stress how hard it is for me to keep my cool after taking in the sheer idiocy of the above words of caution. Do you even grasp what a feature is, Samsung? Note 4’s S Pen support, for instance. Its Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, the Snapdragon 805 chip, OIS 16 MP camera, Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Now repeat after me: a construction flaw that could lead to “rocking or vibration of parts” is NOT a feature. Is Note a feature, if it’s easier for you to understand by way of a pun.

Also, let’s be clear, just because you squeezed in a short, three-line note into the phablet’s user manual, at the very end of it (page 180, for the record), it doesn’t mean you warned future buyers of the issue, and you are therefore exempt of responsibility for eventual corrosion or damage caused by the gap.

I’m not saying damage will happen, but it could, and the right thing to do would be fix the defect before it’s too late, or ensure users they’ll be covered for any and all resulting hardship. Do the right thing, Samsung, don’t ape Apple’s indifference and arrogance.

Sources: Android Central, Galaxy Note 4 user manual 

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