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Gaming Roundup: Defiance MMO Shooter, Dead Space 3 DLC, and Countdown to Prey 2

As Sony's imminent PS4 reveal closes in, we take a look at some of the other news updates in the gaming sphere such as Trion's upcoming open-world MMO shooter that blurs the lines between television and gaming, Dead Space 3's sizeable launch day DLC offering, and a new countdown site that hints at a March release window for Prey 2.

Characters of the TV-show (left) and the game (right) blend the two mediums together, bringing a new realm of entertainment possibilities.

Trion Worlds' upcoming MMO open-world shooter Defiance has been on the radar of many gamers ever since it was revealed, and has gained momentum as one of 2013's most highly anticipated multiplatform titles. The game's most groundbreaking feature is that it ties-in with a television series of the same name, which is scheduled to broadcast on SyFy, and promises to deliver an unprecedented entertainment experience that blurs the line between gaming and television.

Set in a futuristic terraformed version of Earth decades into the future, Defiance takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area and tells the story of a fractured planet wherein most of the plants and animals have been eradicated, and extra-terrestrials–known as Votans, which are actually a covenant of seven different species–have landed on Earth to seek a new home.

The game takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring many scenic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

The arrival of the alien species ignited a chaotic war between the Votan and human race, further devastating the already damaged planet. After the war, humans and the Votan have made a pact and learned to live alongside one another, and the game focuses on the rebuilding and the further survival of both races on the ruined world.

Players take on the role of Ark Hunters, who are enlisted to search for valuable alien technology as well as secure and protect their findings from thieving enemies with enhanced weaponry and abilities. Essentially everyone–and everything–on the planet is searching for this tech in order to survive, and Ark Hunters must do what they can to acquire it by any means necessary, and to keep it once acquired.

Defiance features a wide variety of weapons and armors, each with their own signature in-game appearance.

Defiance is planned to feature extensive open-world elements, bringing an authentic massive multiplayer online experience that blends distinct sci-fi elements with action-orientated shooter gameplay. Co-operative play is also one of the main features within the game, as players can work together or compete with one another in a variety of missions and objectives.

Another distinct element of Defiance is that gamers have an effect on the world based on the in-game decisions they make, with consequences for certain actions that send ripples of affect throughout the world. Players can change the world for the worse, or the better, and sway the tide of conflict towards peace or war. This is a unique feature that brings a true sense of open-world gameplay, allowing players to have a real effect on the virtual world rather than it being simple terrain.

The MMO shooter also features random events known as Arkfalls, which are akin to events found in the PC game Rift. The arkfalls are huge pieces of alien ships containing valuable technology that crash down from space, attracting just about every faction of friend and foe on the planet to the source.

The Defiance television series is planned to premiere on Mon. April 15, 2013 at 9/8 C on SyFy. The video game is also slated for a release in April 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

For more information on the show or to pre-order the game please visit Defiance's official website.

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