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GameStop’s Wii U waiting list is full

If you missed out on getting a Wii U, and were hoping to get on the waiting list with Gamestop, you're out of luck. No more names are being added to their list.

Nintendo's new console, the Wii U, is unsurprisingly in short supply right now. GameStop decided to help those who missed out on pre-orders for the console by creating a waiting list for future shipments. To sign up on a list, you only had a 48 hour window to sign up and you had to be a member of their Power-Up rewards program. Once on the list, GameStop would then call you once they got new stock in the stores, before putting it on the shelf.


GameStop has officially closed this list now, and are not adding any more names to it. Rumors were circulating that GameStop wouldn't be calling to let the signers know when new hardware had arrived, but this rumor turns out to be false, and in a comment to Gametrailers' Side Mission blog, they stated that the list is not canceled; only closed.


It is unknown how many people signed up for the list, but for the rest of you hoping to get a copy, you'd best keep searching. If you're desperate and willing to toss out a few hundred dollars more, I'd recommend checking out eBay, where you'll find a bunch of them selling for about $300-500.

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