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The Games That Have Made The Best Use Of VR So Far

The most recent iteration of commercial Virtual Reality is almost a year old now, and it’s made an impression. Investors around the world are hoping to make big bucks on this latest gaming trend. While sales of headsets themselves haven’t been the most stellar, there have been some amazing experiences. From horror games to simulators to the best of the bizarre landscape that is Steam, here are the games that show off the very best VR has to offer. With even more titles on the horizon, there is a good chance that this list will continue to grow.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Leading up to the launch of the latest instalment of this equalled venerated and ridiculed series, there were many questions. Will it be a good game? Can it live up to the slew of newer independent horror games? Is VR just a stupid gimmick, or does it add to the game? The answers are yes, yes, and yes, at least that is what every review has said so far. Everyone is praising it for its atmosphere, pacing, storytelling and just being a fantastic game. More incredibly, most responses to the VR version have been very positive.  While there have been some complaints about perspective (PSVR can’t do that so well), this is proof that we can do VR horror very very well. Plus, since this is the horror game with the biggest budget, it is also the best example of VR horror.


SUPERHOT came out February last year and immediately became a cult classic. Time only moves when you do, as well as matching your speed, it was a very creative take on the arcade shooter. The story was also interesting, but the main selling point was the mechanics which allowed for awesome replays when you made a playback at full speed. Late last year the VR version was released, and the mechanics work just as well. Unfortunately, you can’t move around as much in the VR version, but the trippy time manipulation still works wonders.

Job Simulator

Image Courtesy: Job Simulator

If I were given the job of selling VR to an undecided consumer, Job Simulator would be the title I chose to display. It is a ridiculous fun you could have in the medium. What you can do in any given scenario is only limited by your own proclivity to explore your surroundings. Even the whole scenario, a world where robots try to recreate what they thought humans did at a job, is so ridiculous it’s glorious. This game will remain the gold standard of what VR can be for quite some time.


Farpoint isn’t out yet, but I’ve had a chance to try it out at a recent Sony event. This is not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. The locomotion made me feel queazy after 10 minutes (felt like I was zooming around on a Segway), you can’t aim too high up or the PlayStation Camera has a hissy fit, and if you lean too far back you see your headless body moving around. However, it does get many things very very right. It feels so much like you are actually firing a gun at creatures that look like a cross between the head crabs of Half-Life and the insects from Starship Troopers. The feedback is visceral, and graphics good enough to get your head into the game.

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