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After receiving an Xbox One early from Target, one gamer proceeded to share important details about the console across YouTube and Twitter.

Xbox One Leak

Microsoft’s Xbox One console isn’t supposed to ship until Nov. 22, but thanks to a shipping error made by Target, a few gamers have received their Xbox Ones more than two weeks early. So far three early consoles have been confirmed, two of those being from Target.

One of the consoles was listed on eBay for an exorbitant $10,000 before it was hastily taken down.

Rather than sell his console, one gamer by the handle of Moonlightswami decided to delve into the system and share his impressions on the Xbox One with gamers across the world.

Swami has since reported various aspects of the Xbox One including exact boot times, digital game and app download sizes, play-as-download percentage requirements and game disc installs. He also tested out the dashboard UI, which Microsoft has recently showcased in a new 12-minute demo presentation.

Xbox One Dash

Delving in to the Xbox One

Let’s take a gander at Moonlightswami’s reports, starting with with the first thing gamers will do when they get their console–booting it up.

Swami reports that the Xbox One takes approximately 17 seconds to boot before downloading the mandatory 500MB day-one patch, which optimizes the console and is required to play games. Many gamers are curious on the exact size of digital download titles.

The play-as-you-download function, however, has been touted to mitigate the frustration in long downloads by allowing players to jump in the game before it’s finished.

Apparently digital Xbox One games are quite different in terms of capacity: NBA 2K14 is one of the biggest at 43GB, with Call of Duty: Ghosts coming in at 39GB and Forza 5 at a smaller 31GB. Sports titles like Madden clock in at 12GB whereas FIFA 14 is only 8GB.

When it comes to play-as-you-download, Swami revealed that games can be played after 50 percent of data is downloaded. A confirmed Xbox One dev on Reddit claimed that some games require 15 percent of the total download whereas others have to hit 75 percent, so it will be interesting to see if this range applies to future titles or not.

Swami also confirms that disc-based games have to be installed in a manner similar to the PlayStation 4, and that you can play-as-you-install as well.

Swami continued sharing details and pictures across Twitter, and even uploaded a video to YouTube. But the clip was promptly pulled by a copyright claim by Microsoft despite the fact it showed nothing more than him unboxing the console.

Although Swami’s reports have gained considerable buzz throughout the entire gaming sphere, generating a multitude of curiosity and momentum for Microsoft’s next-gen console, the company responded by banning his Xbox One console.

After backlash from the community, Major Nelson stepped in to say that the ban isn’t permanent, and Swami will most likely be unbanned when the console launches later this month.

Via The Verge, Twitter, NeoGAF

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