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A Game of Spot the Difference? New LG V35 ThinkQ is G7 Inside, V30 Outside

LG has just announced the launch of its new flagship, the LG V35 ThinQ. Sporting the same ThinQ branding as its smaller sibling, the LG G7, it promises smart features and integration to smart homes. A brief look at the spec sheets and one immediately notes the overwhelming similarities.

The LG V35 looks exactly the same as the LG V30. Image: LG

The LG V and G series are both fully specced-out: the G family with slightly lighter features to fit into a smaller frame, while the V family is larger. While I have enjoyed LG’s V series smartphones for its previous three generations, the LG V35 is, as the name suggests, a half-step in the right direction.

The smartphone industry has been inundated with notched smartphones and largely hidden AI features in 2018, where we saw baby steps by Samsung S9, LG V30S (announced in February 2018), and the LG G7. Most flagship devices sport similar chipsets with similar performance, familiar builds and dual-camera arrays.

LG’s V35 is essentially its G7, announced just at the start of the same month, May 2018. Both phones feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 16-megapixel f1.9 super-wide angle and a 16-megapixel f1.6 standard lens, 8-megapixel front-facing camera, 64GB of internal storage, Hi-Fi DAC and 3.5mm port.

You’d want the V35 if you’re a die-hard OLED user, or if you really hate the notch you get with the LG G7. The LG V35 also sports 6GB of RAM, on top of the 4GB RAM the G7 provides. Its battery is also slightly larger at 3,300mAh, ahead of the G7’s 3,000mAh.

The LG G7 does not lose out in every category, however. USD150 cheaper, the G7’s 6.1-inch display is slightly larger than that on the LG V35 at 6 inches. This, however, would be a small advantage, considering that the notch does intrude into the display and wear out some of this advantage. The rest of its advantages are slightly more niche. It sports what LG calls a Boom Box speaker, which allows larger-than-life sound by using a sizeable resonance chamber. The sound gets even larger when the phone is placed atop a hollow surface. The Super Bright Display on the LG G7 also allows it to get almost twice as bright as its previous iteration, very useful under daylight. The older V30 chassis also means the V35 does not have a dedicated power button and the Google Assitant button seen on the G7.

The LG V30S, released in February 2018, fares even worse. It seems that it is similar to the new LG V35 in almost every way save its older Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and its much, much lower cost.

The LG V35 has also been included on Google’s Project Fi, which brings the latest versions of Android directly onto partner phones. Google Pixel phones, the Moto G6 and X4, and the LG G7 are other phones on the project.

Pricing and availability have yet to be announced in Singapore, although we expect to see it launched locally soon.

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