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Game publishers respond to XBone’s used game policies

EA, Ubisoft, Activision and Take-Two have come out of the woodwork to hopefully reassure fans.

Microsoft’s Xbox One has several months to go before it’s even released and their policies have started to cause concerns amongst gamers and publishers alike. Their initial policy on used games was vague at best but confirmed that people would be able to trade in and own games from “participating retailers”, whatever that meant. They also added that third-party developers would have the option to halt the ability to resell games, hoping to corner the used-game market.

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Today, an Activision official has said they are aware of the situation but have yet to answer how they will approach the next-gen consoles policy. At Take-Two, the company has declined to comment for the time being  and Ubisoft officials said they were still looking at Microsoft’s policy and have yet to decide what to do.  An Ubisoft official told Polygon, “We’re just now getting more information about Microsoft’s plan and starting to examine what it means for our games. Ubisoft admitted they don’t have “anything new to share” right now, but will continue to focus on providing the “best experience for our customers no matter how or where they buy our games.”

Meanwhile, EA Games declined to comment, saying that they were also examining Microsoft’s policies, however, EA’s Frank Gibeau did confirm earlier this year that “online passes” are dead and would not return for next-gen. While this is all well and good, it is still unsettling how Microsoft’s may charge for used game sales and give the option directly to publishers. This could turn out to be incredibly dangerous and done without a moment’s notice. Hopefully, there will be some kind of reconciliation, even if this leads to people making sites that tell you whether or not a game can and cannot be traded in.


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