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Game console loyalty dissected: Sony cellphone users most likely to buy PS4

A recent survey by a mobile service provider has determined that Sony mobile phone users are the most brand-loyal when it comes to game consoles of choice.

PS4 vs XboxOne

With the PlayStation 4 coming in just less than a month, gaming and home entertainment enthusiasts are looking forward to the console. Meanwhile, owners of different brands and mobile platforms also have their own opinion on which devices to purchase this holiday season, including the Microsoft Xbox One and other platforms.

Just how influential can one’s choice of smartphone or tablet brand be, in terms of their next console game purchase? Well, according to a recent survey by a provider of cellphone unlocking services, phone ownership does have a big impact on gaming platform decisions.

Below is a summary of the survey’s findings.

  • Windows Phone owners are more likely to purchase the Xbox One, compared to Android or iPhone users. But Windows Phone device owners are likelier to buy a PS4 than the Xbox One. This means Windows Phone ownership does not equate to Microsoft brand loyalty when it comes to console games.
  • Sony mobile phone owners are 100 percent likely to buy the PS4. Meanwhile, a majority of Sony Ericsson (older devices built before the Sony and Ericsson split) device owners would still opt for the PS4. Interestingly, no Sony Ericsson user would want to buy the Xbox One, as the remainder chose “neither console” as their response.
  • Another interesting point to note is that a majority of iPhone owners have chosen “neither console”, which means they are either more interested in acquiring another console platform (Nintendo, perhaps) or simply stick to Apple’s mobile and computing platforms for their gaming needs.

Of course, given that the survey only accounted for less than 500 respondents, the statistical significance of such a small sample makes the poll far from scientific. That aside, however, it could give an indication of the opinions of this particular group.

Given the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, these are said to have supplanted gaming console machines in terms of casual gaming. But the serious gamer might not be content with tapping and swiping on smartphone screens for casual racing games like Angry Birds GO! or endless running games like Subway Surfers. There is no substitute for the processing power, expansion options, gameplay experience and connected gameplay that consoles can offer.

Should ownership of a certain smartphone brand and platform play a big part in deciding on one’s next console game purchase? Or should we simply do away with choice and buy one of each as they come out in the market? Or, is this all leading toward a scenario wherein smartphones and tablets will eventually become the dominant gaming platforms even for serious gamers?

Source: Mobile Unlocked

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