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Game analyst claims PS4 will render at 240 fps

Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles, is 100% sure that Sony will reveal the PS4 on Feb. 20, 2013 and that the console will boast impressive features such as being able to render games at 240 fps.

Michael Pachter, an analyst who works for Wedbush Securities, claims that Sony “is 100 percent certain to announce the PlayStation 4″ on Feb. 20 during their "See The Future" event.

Pachter also says that Sony's PlayStation 4 will boast some pretty impressive features, such as hyperrealistic games:

“They’ll be able to put a lot more characters on the screen and allow for hyperrealistic games,” Pachter begins.

"Sony’s new console will feature graphics chips developed by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and processors capable of rendering games at 240 frames per second," Pachter explains.

"Current-generation games typically render at 30 or 60 frames per second. As with past model changes, Sony will continue to produce and sell the almost 7-year-old PlayStation 3."

240 frames per second is quite a jump from the usual 30-60 fps that we see with the current generation of consoles, and if his claims are true then the PlayStation 4 will provide a unique and seamless console gaming experience.

Along with the PS4's rumored features–such as the touchpad or integrated share button on the new controller–these claims certainly paint a better picture of Sony's next-gen console with hyperrealistic functionality and impressive frame rates added to the list of features.

In regards to the source of his information, Pachter cites developers and retailers within the industry, and a recent meeting held by a Sony last week in New York for journalists and analysts.

As always, these claims haven't been officially confirmed by Sony and must remain speculation, and gamers will most likely be able to see for themselves on Feb. 20 when the PS4 is planned to be unveiled.

Via The Japan Times

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