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Galaxy S5 Prime gets listed on Samsung’s Find My Mobile database

Galaxy S5 Prime is slated for an official release in the month of June, which is when LG is said to launch its QHD device, the G3.


Looks like we may not have to wait all that long for the Galaxy S5 Prime to make its official debut, as unnamed officials talking to Asia Today mentioned that Samsung will unveil the QHD variant of the Galaxy S5 in the month of June.

Last week, documents revealed by SamMobile showed that Samsung was working on a QHD version of the Galaxy S5, which was internally called “Project KQ.” While there wasn’t any information as to when such a device would launch, the documents highlighted that the Galaxy S5 Prime, which was rumored to be what the QHD version of the Galaxy S5 would be called, will feature a new Exynos 5430 SoC in addition to an Intel XMM 7260 LTE modem. The interesting thing about Exynos 5430 is that it will be manufactured on a 20 nm manufacturing process.


In addition to the unnamed sources, a model number that was heavily rumored to be the Galaxy S5 Prime, SM-G906, was listed on Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. The service allows Galaxy handset owners to track their devices remotely.  Several versions of the SM-G906 model number, like the SM-G906K, SM-G906L and SM-G906S were listed as compatible handsets for this service.

LG is said to launch the G3 in the month of June, so it is feasible that Samsung will have a handset out that also offers the same features to contend with the G3.

Source: Asia Today

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