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Galaxy S4 running stock Android headed for T-Mobile? Maybe…

Geek.com is reporting that they've received a tip that T-Mobile will be releasing a Google Edition of the S4 that will be running stock android right out of the box. Although it seems unlikely, with I/O just around the corner, you never know.

It seems like we were almost due for another out-there type of rumor regarding Google considering all the leaks that have come out recently. Although this one is hard is a bit hard to believe, there might be something to it.
Russell Holly of Geek.com has said that Samsung is saying that Samsung and Google are set to release a Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 that will run stock android in June. He also mentions that it will be available for T-Mobile.
This definitely seems farfetched, but tmonews.com seems to be vouching for Russell’s credibility, saying that he isn’t the type to post something just for the sake of creating hype. It would definitely be interesting if there were a non-nexus device out in the wild running completely stock Android.
Another reason why one could argue that this is possible is because of all the carriers in America, T-Mobile seems to be the one who is most trying to differentiate themselves from the others and this would be a great way to do it, in the eyes of the hardcore at least. Other carriers enforce the use of skins like TouchWiz or Sense in order to create differentiation to help them sell the devices. It would certainly be nice of T-Mobile to let a stock device into their stores, especially one as high profile as the S4.
Of course as with all rumors, especially ones of this nature, this should be taken with a grain of salt.  If we’re lucky, we’ll hear about it in a couple of hours as we get closer to Google’s I/O conference.  If not, then we can just add it to the large pile of rumors that were too good to be true.
Source: Geek.com Via: Tmonews

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