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Galaxy S4 in the UAE bursts while charging, owner unhurt (thankfully)

Horror stories of exploding Galaxy Smartphones refuse to stop, with a new report telling us of a Galaxy S4 that exploded somewhere in the UAE. Thankfully, the owner of the phone was unhurt.

Samsung Galaxy S4 burst UAE

Phones which blast? A seriously scary thought. Think about it, you use a phone throughout the day. You hold it in your hands, you place it against your ears, you keep it in your pockets which is near your… You get the message. So it does get us real concerned when news starts pouring in of exploding phones, and not just any cheap Chinese knockoff, but perhaps the world’s fastest selling phone ever, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This Galaxy S4 burst into flames after the owner from UAE left the phone on charging overnight. Thankfully, the owner is smart enough to not keep her phone beside her pillow and go to sleep every night, and has thus come out unhurt out of the entire fiasco. In the blast, the USB charging cable, the S-View cover and the micro USB port on the Galaxy S4 either completely burnt or fully melted down.

Samsung Gulf Electronics has promised to investigate this matter, and we sure hope that Samsung Mobiles globally takes this matter seriously. An exploding Galaxy S4? Well, there are 20 million owners of such phones. That’s a lot of human beings living in fear of their phones, if another such incident were to occur. The owner of the phone will receive a replacement unit and an undisclosed compensation amount.

Source: Ubergizmo

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