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Galaxy S4 gets another costume, this time it’s a purple dress

When sale of a certain electronic gadget slows down, a short term remedy might be to release the device in a different color, which is what Samsung will likely do with its latest flagship—the Galaxy S4.

The latest render via our pal @evleaks is hinting that consumers will able to pick out a purple GS4, in addition to the other bland variants.  Spec-wise, we expect Samsung will launch the pimp-colored handset with similar specs to that of the current GS4 offerings.  That is, Exynos Octa or Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 depending on markets.



We’ll get official words from Samsung soon enough, as the South Korean tech giant seems to have a press event for just about every smartphone it launches.  Although, the purple GS4 is just an added color to the lineup, so we won’t expect Samsung to rent out Radio Music Hall just to talk more about the phone.

What do you think? Is purple an appealing color, and will you consider walking around with it in public?  Let us know below!


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