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Galaxy S IV running Tizen, quick glimpse of a world beyond Android

For what it’s worth, Samsung is committed to exploring Tizen as an alternative to Android.  Even though we don’t quite know when a Samsung device featuring Tizen will officially debut, we do know that the handset maker currently has devices running Tizen in the lab.


Much like Firefox OS, it’s a bit too early to predict how competitive Tizen will be in the mobile space relative to Android.  Given the right amount of momentum and luck, maybe Tizen can one day claim a significant share of the pie.

As we continue to speculate about the Samsung and Tizen relationship, some images have popped up showing a Galaxy S IV running the mistress OS.  The images don’t tell us much about the features that come with Tizen and why we should consider it over Android, but it does show us that there’s a intermingling of UIs—one being Android and the other Windows Phone.  That’s just our humble opinion, but you can check out the Tizen GS4 images, and decide for yourself what is the platform’s appeal.

Google’s Android OS will continue to be the go-to platform for most non-Apple mobile hardware, but platforms like Firefox OS and Tizen may prove to be worthy adversaries if they’re given the right amount of attention and development.

For the time being, we’ll just have to wait and see if Samsung will continue to delay its Tizen-based handsets.  Hopefully one will drop soon, so we can paint a clearer picture, for ourselves, of what the world beyond and Android and iOS will be like.

Source: Tizen Indonesia

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