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Galaxy Note 8.0 will be refused Lollipop in some markets, Samsung Gulf suggests

The ancient S Pen-capable tablet is apparently in the same unfortunate boat as the Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Note 2 smartphones.

Android Lollipop

Surprisingly kind with owners of modern entry-level gear and unsurprisingly thoughtful as far as newer and older flagships are concerned, Samsung’s software engineers look to have made a series of unpopular decisions regarding a few instant Galaxy classics.

“Classic” metaphorically alludes to devices that are no longer the cream of the crop, turning two years old a while back or rapidly closing in on their second anniversaries. You have your Galaxy S4 mini, unveiled in May 2013 and commercially released a couple of months later, the GNote 2, rolled out in September 2012, and the Note 8.0, which saw daylight on the heels of a February 2013 announcement.

What do the three have in common aside from evanescent popularity? Why, Lollipop updating uncertainty, of course. The S4 mini is reportedly stuck with KitKat on at least one relevant UK carrier due to dubious “memory limitations.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Meanwhile, Samsung Gulf recently broke the sad news of both Note 2 and Note 8.0’s prospective Android 5.0 snubs sans going into detail. That’s probably for the best, as explanations and excuses often enrage mobile fans more than the actual software support conclusions.

Look, we get it, these products are obsolete and either gone from stores for good or struggling to clear out lagging inventory. What we don’t understand is why updates are doable in certain territories, and in others mission impossible. For the same exact configurations of the same exact gadgets.

This no longer sounds like the fault of Sammy’s devs and engineers, but rather something to do with regional wireless service providers. Bottom line, Note 2 and Note 8.0 proprietors in the Middle East are out of luck, yet everyone else should keep on dreaming.

Sources: Phone Arena, Facebook

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