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Galaxy Note 4 could usher in metal-centric design era for Samsung at last

A perennial admirer of plastic gadgets despite wide public criticism, Samsung could be pushed by recent tepid sales numbers to adopt a metallic design for its looming Galaxy Note 4, perhaps in a groundbreaking flexible display combination.

Galaxy Note 4 flexible

It’s odd, so much (virtual) ink has been spilled on Galaxy Note 3’s highly anticipated sequel already, yet not a single semi-credible photo or render has made its way online. Clearly, there’s a good reason Sammy is hiding its next-gen high-end phablet from the limelight, choosing instead to slip little bits and pieces of the specification list.

Assuming the rumors so far floating around are to be trusted, which we can’t be sure of until IFA in September. Maybe a little earlier. But back to aesthetics, a fairly renowned Korean publication claims it knows everything there is to know vis-à-vis the Note 4.

ET News isn’t ready to share any photographic corroboration of its scoop, however their track record is pretty clean, so we may as well trust them… temporarily. That said, it’s probably time for a little celebratory dance, as stubborn Samsung is reportedly showing flexibility at last, exploring stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium as possible plastic alternatives.


Yes, alternatives, I’m afraid, as rumor is the Note 4 will come in two different variations, one made of run-of-the-mill plastic and the other both flexible and metal-clad. Obviously, production shortages are to be expected for the latter… assuming it’s not an experimental model in the first place, poised for a limited run in Asia.

Now that would be outright scandalous. But let’s not jump to conclusions, especially with ET News reporting a 50 percent recent growth in curvaceous screen manufacturing. No words on size yet, so 5.7 inches remains our best guess, while the rear-facing camera, previously tipped to feature a 12 MP sensor, is ultimately expected to raise the bar to 16 megapixels. With optical image stabilization and the works.

Huh, what do you know, it might not be such an uphill struggle for the Galaxy Note 4 to fend off the “iPhablet” threat after all.

Source: ET News

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