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Galaxy Note 3 US availability and pricing roundup – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Despite everyone from Sony to LG trying to steal Samsung’s thunder before and during the IFA announcement of the Galaxy Note 3, the third-gen phablet is bound to snatch the most headlines over the next weeks and even months. By a mile.


Not that it’s in any way revolutionary or groundbreaking. In fact, some might argue that it’s just an enlarged Galaxy S4. And it is, only with a zippier processor, more RAM, a much more premium back cover, an overall super-compact body, pre-loaded Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and massive 3,200 mAh battery. Plus, micro USB 3.0 connectivity. And let’s not forget about the S Pen support.

So what could possibly stop the Note 3 on its way to world domination? Just one thing – a staggered release (think HTC One). Only it doesn’t look as if Samsung will have any problems in that department.

Quite on the contrary, as at least two of America’s four major carriers are to get the 5.7-incher “around” October 1. If that ETA can be achieved (and there’s no reason to suspect it won’t), the turnaround time would be roughly four weeks, which is probably not a world record (Apple usually gets its products out the door quicker), but it’s darn close.

But let’s talk specifics. AT&T might well have the honor to ship the first subsidized GNote 3 in America, just as October kicks in, for the steep yet fairly predictable price of $299.99. Then again, T-Mobile is breathing down Ma Bell’s neck, estimating it will be able to commercially launch the “next big thing” on October 2.

Galaxy Note 3 AT&T

As you well know, Magenta doesn’t do subsidies anymore, so their particular Note 3 variant costs $199.99 upfront with 24 additional monthly payments of $21 each. As for Verizon and Sprint, they’re yet to announce pricing details, but chances are they’ll follow AT&T’s suit.

Mum’s the word on the two’s release dates as well, with Big Red however opening pre-orders later today, which might well signal they’ll too be ready to ship the handheld in early October. Oh, and by the by, AT&T has the Note 3 up for grabs on pre-orders, so be sure to give them a visit if you fancy getting the thing among the first.

On a somewhat unrelated note, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is bound to see daylight on all four carriers too in October, although we’re even lighter on details as far as that thing is concerned. T-Mo is the only one to have priced it, at $299.99, whereas Verizon will open pre-orders for it at 9 AM EST today. Finally, AT&T says the gizmo will go up for sale “in the coming weeks”.

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