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Galaxy Note 3 might launch with a LCD panel in some markets

An interesting report has popped up on our radar, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might pack a LCD display, ditching the Super AMOLED panel, for certain markets only.

Samsung Galaxy Note III (2)

Love Samsung’s Super AMOLED display? In love with the infinite contrast, true blacks and often over saturated but vibrant colors? Planning to buy the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to enjoy 5.7-inch of Full HD Super AMOLED goodness? Get ready for a some massive disappointment. Much like the regional treatment that the Galaxy S4 received with regard to the chipset powering the device (Snapdragon 600 in most, Exynos 5 Octa in others), the Galaxy Note 3 too will receive such differentiated treatment, but in the area of the display.

Korean publication ETNews reports that some regions might get a Galaxy Note 3 with a LCD display instead of Samsung’s trademark Super AMOLED panel. What’s that? I can hear the sound of crashing/breaking dreams… Ouch! The report says that the Super AMOLED panels of OLED variety are bearing very low yields, low enough to force Samsung to equip many of their phablet flagship units with a LCD panel instead. If this is true, we really do hope that the company goes for the new low-power consuming IGZO panel by Sharp, which is entirely likely given Samsung’s investments in Sharp. Let’s see what the Note 3 begins. Latest rumors put mass production of the device to begin in August. Here’s hoping for a late September launch.

Source: ETNews

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