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Gainward Bliss 9600GT Dynamic Duo

Gainward took the overclocking community by storm during the early 21st century, and now the brand is back to take the OC community by storm. Presenting to you the 9600GT dynamic duo in stock and overclocked flavours, courtesy of Gainward

Our guys are rather pleased to see an old name return to our labs, specifically Gainward. A duo of boxes bearing the Gainward name were dropped off in our lair a short while back and we have been additionally pleased to see yet another old name return, otherwise known as Gainward’s Golden Sample! Graphics accelerators bearing the mark of the Golden Sample have traditionally been pimped out to offer more than the usually reference models and this time round, we note that the tradition continues. As a matter of fact, both the Gainward Bliss 9600GT and its Golden Sample cousin turned out to be entirely different from the reference NVIDIA cards we are so used to seeing. And so it is with great pleasure that we take the duo out for a test or two and see if Gainward would make a return not unlike the King in Tolkien’s trilogy.

We can immediately see that the Golden Sample offers DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity on top of what the regular version has.

 Is that it?  Just connectivity options? Well, no. Golden Samples are almost always overclocked from the factory and as we take a look at the basic specifications, we will see just how much.

Graphics Accelerator NVIDIA 9600GT Bliss 9600GT Bliss 9600GT GS
Buffer Size (MB) 512 512 512
Core Clock (MHz) 650 650 700
Shader Clock (MHz) 1625 1625 1750
Memory Bus Width (bits) 256 256 256
Memory Clock (MHz) 900 900 1000
Bandwidth (GB/s) 57.6 57.6 64.0

The Golden Sample offers slightly faster Core clocks but a nice 125MHz increase in Shader clocks (we think this matters more when it comes to the crunch) and 200MHz (DDR) faster memory speed. Now that we are done with the specifications, lets take a look at what these cards can deliver.

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