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Gaikai confirmed to stream PS3 games to PS4 starting in 2014


Sony’s premium cloud-based service, Gaikai, was announced back in February to include a variety of exciting features and pave the way for the PlayStation 4’s online functionality.

One of the more interesting features that Gaikai offers is streaming PlayStation 3 games, which effectively remedies the console’s absence of backwards compatibility thanks to its x86 architecture.

While certain aspects of the service weren’t exactly detailed in full, Sony acknowledged that Gaikai would compliment their next-gen system quite nicely, affording for interactive functions like Remote Play and more.

PS4 controller

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2013), Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida made an official confirmation that Gaikai will start offering streaming of select PlayStation 3 titles to the PlayStation 4 starting 2014 in North America.

Yoshida also explained that Sony plans to build up the content offerings within Gaikai’s PS3 selections, first establishing a core library and then adding new titles every week or so. Additionally the titles in the library will be playable not only on the PS4, but on the PS Vita and the newly announced PS Vita TV.

When prompted about a possible launch in Europe, Yoshida didn’t reveal any definite plans but assured that it would be after its respective North American launch.

While it may be disappointing to some that Gaikai’s streaming feature won’t be available on the PS4’s launch this November, the console will have a smattering of launch titles and exclusives to keep players busy for the holiday season.

It will be interesting to see more details on Gaikai’s PS3 streaming library, including pricing as well as which titles will be available once the service is launched. We might see some digital titles offered for free as PS+ perks, but all in all it seems like Sony has planned for many contingencies and is preparing for the next-generation of console gaming quite well.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 launches on Nov. 15, 2013 for a price point of $399. For more information be sure to check out our recent coverage.



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