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G-Technology’s 12-bay NAS is aimed at content creators

G-Rack 12

HGST’s external storage services brand G-Technology has announced the G-Rack 12, its first foray into the world of network attached storage. The 12-bay is aimed at small-to-medium production houses, as well as TV broadcast stations and creative teams working on video editing utilities like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. The NAS can accommodate up to 120TB in storage, with centralized access and quad 10-gigabit Ethernet connections available for easy access to data.

Mike Williams, vice president of marketing, G-Technology, said:

From our flexible Evolution Series and high-capacity, high-performance portable G-SPEED Shuttle XL to our new 12-bay G-RACK 12 NAS solution, G-Technology offers one of the broadest storage portfolios for virtually any audio, video or content creation workflow. Our goal is to continue to optimize efficiencies in pre- and post- production workflows, so whether you’re working on a TV commercial, a corporate video, or major motion picture, we can help you through the most demanding production environments, while delivering capacity, reliability, performance and style.”

The NAS utilizes the Btrfs file system, which is slowly gaining momentum in the world of storage solutions. G-Technology mentions that it built a custom OS that’s designed with ease of use in mind. For those that require more than 120TB storage, G-Technology offers an add-on chassis that can accommodate an additional 120TB.

G-Technology will show off the G-RAck 12 at NAB, with the NAS available through authorized resellers across North America shortly.

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