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G.Skill Shows Super Speed DDR4 Memory With Intel Core-X Processors At Computex

At Computex, G.Skill have demonstrated some incredible DDR4 memory speeds in conjunction with Intel Core-X Processors. DDR4 speeds have increased steadily since the launch of the spec, and G.Skill have been in a class of their own when it comes to pushing further and further.

The company proudly displayed a new Trident Z DDR4 4800MHz dual-channel kit. This is not simply a show kit with loose timings. The kit on display ran at very respectable timings of CL19-19-19-39. The system was built with the soon to be released Intel® Core™ X-Series processor and ASRock X299 OC Formula motherboard. This gives us a good indicator that the X299 platform will be well ahead of X99 and even Z270 when it comes to memory performance. We’re so tantalizingly close to that DDR4-5000 barrier that its only a matter of time before 5000Mhz can be achieved without any extreme cooling.

That isn’t the only thing G.Skill has on display. Enthusiasts and overclockers appreciate not just speed, but also capacity. How does a 8x8Gb Trident -Z kit at DDR4-4200 sound? While 64Gb is overkill for a most users, there are situations where this kind of kit can really boost productivity. Large data sets and some compression/decompression applications will really fly on a super fast high capacity kit. It looks a pretty nice too with the RGB lighting.

16Gb modules are becoming more widespread, with 16Gb expected to become a standard fixture in most enthusiast PC’s in the not too distant future. G.Skill has you covered there too with a nice DDR4-4000 kit. 17-18-18-38 timings are also good for this density of module. We expect this kit to be popular with users of Kaby Lake-X processors on the new X299 platform.


G.skill are also showing some other goodies in their booth including enthusiast SO-DIMM modules with a 2x16Gb capacity running at DDR4-3466. Small form factor memory tends to be a lot slower than their desktop brothers, so if you have a 2017 high spec gaming laptop, you can ditch those DDR4-2133 or 2400 modules and equip them with something more worthy of the rest of the system.

G.Skill always have exciting tech on display at their booth. We look forward to seeing what these kits can do once they get into the hands of users of the X299 platform.

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