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G.Skill rolls out two new gaming keyboards with Cherry MX switches


G.SKILL has come up with two new gaming keyboards, both using Cherry MX switches.

The KM770, going by the model number, suggests that it is placed only slightly lower in the company’s lineup than the flagship KM780. However, it does bring a few improvements along with it that make it seem like it isn’t any worse than the flagship. The LEDs used on the KM770 are supposedly 20% brighter than the ones used on the KM780. G.Skill has managed to cut down on excessive width as well, thanks to the rolled sidebars being axed. Other notable improvements include better cable routing channels, customizable RGB lighting for each individual key, and an improved wrist rest. The KM770 is available with Cherry MX Red, Brown or Blue switches. Depending on the switches, you will be to get it for either $149.99 or $159.99.

The KM570 on the other hand is a more affordable option, priced at $99.99. The lower price tag is achieved by using a plastic build instead of aluminum, only red LED lighting instead of RGB, and the lack of G.Skill software functionality.


Both the KM770 and the KM570 gaming keyboards will be available starting Q3 2016.

Via: TomsHardware

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