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G.SKILL Memory Breaks DDR4 5.5GHz Barrier

G.SKILL have announced a DDR4 frequency world record at DDR4-5500MHz. This new milestone was acheived by Toppc, MSI’s in house overclocker who used used G.Skill memory built with  Samsung 8Gb ICs. Toppc used the new MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard and Intel Core X processor. The validated result can be seen here

G.Skill and Toppc, are no strangers to record breaking memory performance, having consistently pushed the bar higher in recent years. This result alss shows off the potential of the X299 platform when it comes to memory performance. Since G.Skill also showed DDR4-4800 at Computex without any exotic cooling, end users can surely look forward to memory kits capable of DDR4-5000, perhaps with a simple one click XMP setting!

It’s early days for the X299 platform. Since dual channel motherboards tend to offer a few percent better frequency performance, we should probably see DDR4-5600 and 5700 sometime soon. Will we see the magical DDR4-6000 Mhz barrier broken?

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