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G.SKILL intros new Trident Z RGB series DDR4 memory kit

G.SKILL has announced the new Trident Z RGB Series, which it claims is the world’s most revolutionary RGB lighting DDR4 memory kit. The memory kit does not require any additional power connection, which is a first. All other RGB DDR4 memory kits announced so far do require additional power connection for the RGB LEDs.

The Trident Z RGB series comes with an uncovered full-length light bar on the award-winning Trident Z series heatspreader design. Users will be able to choose from numerous lighting effects and color customizations that can be accessed through software that will become available in February 2017. By default, the Trident Z RGB will display a rainbow of colors in a wave-style lighting effect.

It isn’t just all show though, the Trident Z RGB series memory kit comes with a custom 10-layer PCB and hand-picked IC chips to deliver extreme overclocking performance. In terms of numbers, the kit is said to be capable of hitting speeds of up to DDR4-4266 MHz. You will also be getting full support for XMP 2.0 and limited lifetime warranty.

Trident Z RGB

The Trident Z RGB series DDR4 memory kits will be released by mid-January 2017, so the company hasn’t yet revealed any detailed specs or any info on the pricing and availability. We expect more details to be shared by G.SKILL as we head closer to the promised release timeframe.

Via: TechPowerUp

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