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Future metallic Samsung Galaxy A Series phones to cost $350 and up with LTE

Before long, you may be able to say goodbye to plastic Androids without breaking the bank, as long as you’re not overly picky about your smartphone’s specifications.


Fantastic in plastic? That’s so 2013. These days, metal makes the world go round. Of course, if you’re into iGear, you’ve owned aluminum-constructed mobiles for years. Hopefully, not the kind that bend randomly in your pockets.

But what’s the one thing we all know about metal? It’s expensive, right? Apple never wastes an opportunity to remind us, and neither does HTC, the build material’s pioneer in the Android space.

Only it seems you don’t have to put so much blood, sweat and tears into metallic handhelds. Not necessarily. Samsung, which postponed the move away from polycarbonate for as long as it was humanly possible, is reportedly working on a full batch of premium-looking, robust gadgets.

Full, as in targeting various audiences, budget-conscious buyers included. The first member of the Galaxy A family, the Alpha, already debuted, sitting just beneath the half-metallic Note 4 and full-plastic S5 on the Samsung Mobile totem pole.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Next up, rumor is we’ll be getting an additional trio of A-Series phones, the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. As the names suggest, the A3 will be the closest to the low-end spectrum, and the A7 should take a minor step back hardware-wise compared to the Alpha.

Nevertheless, all three are said to support 4G LTE connectivity, so it is with great joy that I bear the news the A3 will be priced in the $350 – $400 range. Meanwhile, the A5 is to cost between $400 and $450 outright, and the A7 $500 tops.

Unfortunately, as far as the latter goes, there’s a small caveat, namely a limited run on store shelves, in but a handful of select global markets. The reason for this is cloaked in secrecy, but either Samsung fears the A7 could cannibalize Alpha sales, or the looming upper mid-ranger is the only Galaxy A family member to be entirely built out of metal.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on each and every upcoming Samsung smartphone clad in superior materials. We’re certainly excited to see what’s next.

Source: Sam Mobile

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