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Future HTC products to ship with Beats audio technology?

It is a known fact that HP's Beats audio technology which is found on the company's range of notebooks, desktop PCs and tablets can potentially work wonders in restoring detail that is inevitably lost when digital audio files are compressed into lossy, more portable formats for everyday use. But can that technology be successfully ported to smartphones? Apparently, HTC seems to think so, especially if a recent statement made by HTC's chief is of any indication.


Have you heard of Beats Audio ? Well, to put it simply, Beats Audio is both a headphone lineup and a piece of technology which are designed to deliver enhanced, high-end audio quality to consumers, and is especially useful  for allegedly restoring the finer details in an audio file that have been inevitably lost due to compression when it is converted into more portable but lossy formats such as MP3.  And if you own a HP-branded notebook or desktop PC, chances are you would have already gotten your first experience with both the Beats line of headphones and the software techology that is bundled into HP's computers.

While that is good and all, most people also tend to forget that most of their everyday music playback is not done on desktop or notebook PCs (unless you are a career musician, that is). Rather, it is the humble smartphone which tends to see much heavier audio playback action, simply because most smartphones can effectively double up as a portable media player. And from the looks of it, it seems that HTC is aiming to bring Beats-quality audio to  its line of smartphones, especially if an interview conducted by AllThingD with HTC's chief Peter Chou is of any indicatiion.

According to AllThingsD, Chou has confirmed that HTC has invested US$300 million to secure a majority stake in Beats Electronics, and is currently working on incorporating the company's Beats Audio technology into its smartphone lineup. This was reportedly done because of  HTC's belief that the introduction of mobile devices has made music more accessible, but much of its advantages are lot on sub-standard audio quality.

AllThingsD has also claimed in its interview that Chou had revealed his intentions to release a product that has been furnished with Beats Audio technology some time in the later part of the year, while adding that the HTC chief "declined to offer any details" about the upcoming product. The website was also reportedly able to score an interview with Beats Electronics's CEO Jimmy Iovine, who described the partnership with HTC as "the latest piece of his crusade to improve the sound in modern electronics", while adding that the so-called MP3 revolution has led to "an entire generation lost to bad-sounding music”.

Source: AllThingsD

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