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Full PS4 controller support comes to Steam

Valve said it was adding full support for the PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller in Steam, and that integration is now live. Users can now configure the PS4 controllers through Steam’s native API, making modifications to the button layout or assign custom functions to the touchpad.

The changelog for the latest version of the Steam client notes the following:

  • Added Steam Configurator support for PS4 Dual Shock Controller. Enable in Big Picture settings Add/Test Controller settings. When enabled, PS4 controllers will have access to the same sort of customization/configuration support as Steam Controllers, including native API support. PS4 Controllers using this system can map the trackpad, gyro, buttons, etc. to keyboard, mouse, or x-input outputs and can make use of action sets, touch menus, radial menus, and so forth.
  • Added software gyro+accelerometer integration for IMUs without hardware integration. Allows Joystick-Move/D-Pad/Mouse Leaning support for the PS4 gyro input.
  • Individual games can opt out of using Steam Configuration support for the PS4 controller under each game’s Controller Settings. If a game has native PS4 support this allows it to continue to be recognized directly.
  • Changed Mouse mode Gyro Enable Button to default to Always On when placed on a PS4 Controller.
  • Configurations can now be marked as “Unique” to a specific controller. This configuration will only be applied to that controller for that user’s account. By default, all controllers of a specific type will share a configuration unless marked as Unique.

The integration is certainly welcome, and ensures that PS4 owners can start using the DualShock controller on the PC without the need for any additional software. Valve has mentioned that it will add similar support to other controllers in the future.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Harish Jonnalagadda is an avid reader of science-fiction novels. A long-time Arsenal fan, his other interests include gaming, basketball and making music. He also likes tinkering with hardware in his free time.

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