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Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Review

Albeit pricey, the Fujitsu Pocket Loox 610 is a handheld worth considering
seriously. Not only does it score top marks within its own price range, it is
also more value-for-money for mobile professionals who seek a reliable,
power-packed road-warrior. With both Wireless Network and Bluetooth, one can
stay connected easily. However, there is neither phone nor GPRS capabilities,
which is ironic since this handheld is targeted at professionals constantly on
the move.

In general though, people have been trying for ages to put their office in their
hands to no avail. With the Loox 610, Fujitsu can claim that it has accomplished
the near-impossible. Furthermore, a broad range of accessories like additional
batteries, car navigation, cases or storage cards are available to increase
user’s productivity and mobility.

With its extensive connectivity and expandability concept, the Pocket LOOX
delivers a platform not only for PIM applications but also for mobility
solutions that ideally suits needs of business customers.


• Wireless Network and Bluetooth
• One-hand operation
• Clear crisp recordings
• Awesome screen
• Expandability – SD/MMC and CompactFlash
• Slim


• Length – too long
• Cover – too bulky (but I liked the way it wraps around the handheld, and the
pad-enforcements at the front and back of cover.)
• Some PPCs in the price range are phone-PDA combinations – I was disappointed
to find out that the Loox 610 is not among them. Mobile professionals would be
looking for such a PPC, and the lack of phone capabilities could count against
the Loox 610, which is a pity.
• Price

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