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Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Review

This review will not go through every single detail of PPC, but just
highlight a few interesting issues.

Greenhorns may find the PPC a little complicated. Thankfully, Fujitsu has
utilized PPC’s “introduction” function. The below pictures also portray the
sharpness of the amazing screen!

Fujitsu has also thoughtfully bundled a launcher with the Loox 610. Using the
launcher, it was easy exploring the handheld (from a first-time user
point-of-view). The wealth of built-in programmes is highly impressive – other
than the category of games, there appears to be not much need to further install
other programmes. The handheld can be used immediately as it is!

Tab-browsing (tapping the tabs labeled “Favorites”, “Internet”,
“AV” and so on) appeared a little slow though. Instead of appearing
instantaneously, it took about 2-3s (timed by a stop-watch) to respond.

From the launcher, one can access the Wireless Lan and Bluetooth settings
with just one tap. This feature would ring very well with users looking for

With PPC, one can set your handheld preferences to in-depth details. It’s
almost as if you’re holding your desktop in your hands!

There are 4 inputting options available to users. Overall, these 4 options
are excellent, especially the Letter Recognizer. Having expected worse, the
speed and accuracy of the recognizer were pleasant surprises, and it actually
beats Palm’s own Graffiti marginally.

“Wallpaper” of the Today screen can be switched easily. Admittedly this
wallpaper is ugly, but you can pretty up and personalise your own handheld with
just a few taps!

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