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Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Review

(from top to bottom: Nokia 8310, Zire 71, Loox 610)

For a handheld of its capabilities, the Loox
610 is amazingly slim! However, the sheer length of the handheld (over 14 cm)
makes it rather awkward to hold, especially for women (whose hands are smaller).
The length is highly lamentable, because not only does it impede
“comfortable-holding” of the handheld, but also disallows one to carry it on
oneself. It cannot fit into most back-pockets, it will stick out of the shirt’s
front-pocket conspicuously and it takes up too much space in a lady’s handbag.
Simply put, it makes this otherwise good-looking handheld significantly

(A woman holding the Loox 610)

(A man holding the Loox 610)

Whilst the included cover is a cut above the
usual covers by other manufacturers with its sleek look and all-round
protection, it adds quite a bit of bulk to the slim Loox 610, and thus defeats
the whole purpose of the Loox being a slim handheld.

(from top to bottom: Nokia 8310, Zire 71, Loox 610)

Its thickness becomes all the more apparent
when stacked against the Nokia 8310 and the Zire 71. The Loox 610 plus cover
becomes thicker than the Nokia 8310 and almost twice as thick as the Zire 71


To start with, the Loox 610 wasn’t the most
convenient for ladies to hold. Now, with an additional cover, it becomes more

There are further inconveniences with the
cover in place. Firstly, the power button becomes a little harder to press, what
with the clear plastic strip in front of it. Also, it becomes more
time-consuming to pull the stylus out of its hold, because the elastic band by
the side blocks the way.

Still, when it comes to protection for your
beloved Loox 610, not many can beat the included cover. Fujitsu has saved its
consumers money with such a well-padded cover – thumbs up!

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