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Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Review


The Loox 610 is a beauty. Slim, tall, with a
splendid silver finish – there isn’t much else to ask for! Furthermore, unlike
some metallic finish, the Loox 610 does not retain any unsightly fingerprints!


The metallic stylus is placed on the far
right. As compared to other Pocket PC styluses, it probably is a tad shorter.
Asian hands are generally smaller, so most of us would have no problem with
this. Although sturdy and comfortable, it felt a little too light-weight. With
prolonged usage, and as one gets used to the stylus, this can become a

Fujitsu did not pack an extra stylus in the box-set, so if the stylus is lost,
one would have to get a replacement directly from Fujitsu (since stores may not
stock such specific styluses).

Navigation Stick

The navigation stick is a personal favourite
of mine! Unlike other navigation sticks, the Loox 610’s can actually be rotated
360 degrees with one’s thumb. It was easy to press, and yet not flimsy – Fujitsu
has found the perfect degree of stiffness for comfortable usage of such sticks!

The placement of the launcher buttons was initially confusing, but with
practice, one gets used to it and the icons.

The inbuilt microphone is beside the navigation buttons. Recordings were clear
and crisp, with no time limit.

Side Buttons

Another of my favourites! I highly enjoyed
using the side buttons (as pictured above). The two with arrows embossed on them
are the “Up” and “Down” buttons, and the one above them (with only a dot
embossed) is the “Select” button. With just these three buttons, it is possible
to operate the Loox 610 with just one hand! Other manufacturers talk of one-hand
operation, but they just don’t make the cut – Fujitsu makes this a reality.


Charging Jack/ Headphone Jack/ SD/ MMC/
Compact Flash

Fujitsu has incorporated a charging jack into
the Loox 610. This is very thoughtful, as it makes charging on-the-road easier!
One wouldn’t have to lug around the heavy cradle!


The above two pictures depicts the top of the
Loox 610 and the bottom respectively. As can be seen, there are two card slots
at the top, one for SD/MMC and the other for CompactFlash. There is also a
headphone jack.


As highlighted in the picture above, the SD
card actually sticks out of the Loox 610 rather prominently. While this may not
be a problem if there is a case (as shown above), this could be a huge
inconvenience if one does not want to put on the case – the SD card could be
ejected without much difficulty, and since the user does not know anything about
the ejection, the small card could be unknowingly misplaced.

Unfortunately, the SD Card slot in the Loox 610 is NOT SDIO-enabled. Still, this
should not pose too much of a bother.

Seeing the antenna in the above pictures, you must be wondering if this handheld
is a phone-PDA combination. The answer is no. There seems no reason why there
has to exist an antenna. Fujitsu could definitely have found a more elegant

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