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Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 610 Review

The packaging has “professionalism” written all over – a
beautiful white box which opens to reveal the Loox 610 lying comfortably within.
Also included inside the box are the charging cradle, the charging cable, the
USB cable, a quick start guide and a CD (with applications).

The charging cradle is highly impressive. Unlike Palm’s cradle which no Palm can
sit on firmly enough, Fujitsu has manufactured a solid charging cradle which
‘hugs’ the handheld in all sense of the word “cradle”.

Unfortunately, Fujitsu did not include the common 2-point pin
adaptors, but only the 3-point triangular one (as pictured in the full set
picture above). Neither were there any foreign pin adaptors for use in other
countries. Seeing as the Loox 610 is being touted as the mobile office, this
came as rather a surprise. However, users should be able to get these common
items at their local hardware store easily.

Placing the battery in the battery holder is not enough to start up the Loox
610. There are two battery security hinges that the user has to lock before the
Loox 610 would power up. This security measure is impressive and gives the user
peace of mind. To move the hinges from ‘unlock’ to ‘lock’ (or vice versa), just
use the tip of the stylus, which fits exactly. Again, this is a nice touch which
makes things much more convenient!

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